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More than $400,000 annual savings with Sestek Voice Biometrics. By using Sestek Speech Enabled IVR, customers saved over $250,000 annually while increasing their IVR completion rate by 5%. Sestek Speech Analytics, helped customers improve script adherence by 70%.

Sestek employs some of the world’s best engineers to provide your company speech enabled services

Voice Biometrics

Whose customers love security questions and PINs?

  Let your customers use their voice just      like fingerprint and save them from
   password hassles.

• Give your customers a security measure
   that cannot be forgotten or lost.

  Deliver an effortless experience through
   fast and easy verification.

  Get benefits from day one through
   increased security, shorter call duration
   and enhanced experience.


Case study: Turkish Telecom Mobile saves $400K annually  and shortened calls by 15 seconds after the company integrated Sestek Voice Biometrics.


Speech-enabled ıvr

Whose customers love complicated IVR mazes?

  Let your customers use their own words
   to describe why they are calling with
   Natural Dialog technology.

  Route callers to the correct destination
   without the need for complicated menu

 Deliver a fully personalized IVR
  experience with language and acoustic
  model optimization.

  Boost your savings through increased
   automation, shorter call duration, and
   decreased costs.

Case study: With Speech-Enabled IVR solution TEB BNP Paribas Joint saves $250K annually by increasing the IVR completion rate by 5%. 



Do you believe you really understand your customers without having systematic access to the content of the interactions?

  Capture and analyze 100% of call center
   interactions through natural language
   speech recognition.

•  Accurately analyze customer experience
   through emotion detection.

•  Reduce churn by discovering the root

•  Enhance call center performance by
   unlocking hidden insights.


Case study: Garanti Pension improves call center performance by increasing script adherence by 70% with Sestek Speech Analytics

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